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In-State Tuition for International Students

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In-State Tuition for International Students

Postby American Dreamer » Wed, 09 Mar 2011 12:09:21 -0500

Hello Students,

Are you aware that some US universities offers international students in-state tuition?
One such university would be St. Cloud State University.

St. Cloud State University offers a unique opportunity for international students, through providing qualified international students with the Academic and Cultural Sharing Scholarship. This scholarship entitles the international student to pay resident tuition, which saves over $5,840 per year. Few public universities offer such a financial and cultural bonus to international students who might otherwise not be able to afford a U.S. education.

For a 4-year program a student could potentially save up to $23360. Compared to many other universities in the US that charge out-of-state tuition to international students where the price is generally double or more the standard tuition, SCSU is much more affordable, while providing high quality education.

There’s no need to apply for the scholarship for new international students, it is automatically granted to you on your first semester. Then all you need to do is complete two cultural sharing activities and maintain a minimum GPA to qualify for continuing ACSS scholarships for your duration of studies.

Founded in 1869, St. Cloud State is the largest member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system and the second-largest university in Minnesota. SCSU offers 200 undergraduate and 60 graduate academic program which are accredited, meeting the highest standards of the education community.
American Dreamer
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Re: In-State Tuition for International Students

Postby andyou111 » Sun, 11 Sep 2011 05:44:14 -0500

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Re: In-State Tuition for International Students

Postby Sikhindu » Fri, 21 Oct 2011 08:58:41 -0500

You can get into St. Cloud and pay in-state tuition, just have enough money so you never have to work illegally off campus. They don't want to repeal the in-state tutition, but they are having ICE arrest those working off campus (since they have to pay for their education anyway) and having them deported. That's what happened to my friend. My advise, only go there if you never have to work to pay for your education, it's a double edged sword.
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