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Already admitted at Deakin University,need financial aid

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Already admitted at Deakin University,need financial aid

Postby charlyk152 » Mon, 08 Nov 2010 11:47:35 -0500

My name is N'GUESSAN, KOUADIO CHARLES. I am an ivorian who has been recently granted an admission to study at DEAKIN UNIVERSITY - D750-Master of Information Technology/Master of Commerce.

While it is certain to commence on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 my studies, I have to pay if I want to keep my place and be sure to start. I cannot afford these AUD $ 13,017.00 or these of the years to come.

It is also true I am not an australian or a permanent australian resident. The duration of my studies is 2 years to graduation. I have no australian bank account or anything else that testifies I belong to any affiliate groups in Australia. I have been looking for a scholarship since several years without success till Deakin University accepts my candidacy.

I really need this help if I want to make my dream come true. If I chose Australia, it is because the quality of Education is excellent. I love Australia and I am cherishing the idea of being a permanent resident and work. I saw many documentraies which strengthened my desire to choose Australia destination.

You will find enclosed the offer letter from Deakin Admission Office authorized me to purse my studies at Deakin University. As I write you today I do hope you will help me in providing me with this financial aid so as to allow me to study at Deakin.

I have searched for financial assistance since November 1, 2010, date of the herewith enclosed decision.
So, I am ready to provide you with all kind of documents if you want to assist me in my endeavors. I have a valid passport, my transcripts and degrees from my former university already translated into english, any other documents you will require.

Please give me a satisfactory reply because I strongly need it. Make an exception. Help me even though I am a citizen of your country. Thank you in advanced for your precious help.


N'GUESSAN Kouadio Charles
Deakin Student
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Postby jonei800 » Tue, 30 Aug 2011 08:12:14 -0500

Thank you for sharing this.
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Re: Already admitted at Deakin University,need financial aid

Postby Mia anderison » Thu, 14 Jun 2012 04:49:48 -0500

Well i would advice you to see the topic of financial help here in this forum


Check it out, i hope you get the solution there.
Wish you best of luck for Australia, may your dream come true.
Mia anderison
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