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Studying Medicine in the US

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Studying Medicine in the US

Postby FaizanKh » Thu, 07 Feb 2008 09:13:09 -0500

Hi everyone,

Its my first time posting here, and so far this site has been a great help... and I hope it continues to be so!

I am Pakistani and have studied all my life in a school following the British, Edexcel (University of London) exam board, in Bahrain. I am currently doing my final year of GCSEs and will move on to do my A levels next year.

My grades are (based off mock results): A*'s in Maths, Science, Geography, Business Economics; and A's in English, ICT and Physical Education (Edexcel), and a C in Additional Mathematics (Cambridge University).

My question is whether I can go on to study Medicine from a US university, how and when I should apply and what I must attain before I do so?
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Re: Studying Medicine in the US

Postby crawleyj » Sun, 09 Mar 2008 11:58:56 -0500

There are actually a couple of questions here...

1) You need to be admitted to a 4-year bachelors program and complete that program, probably in Biology or Biomedical Sciences first.

2) During your final year of your bachelors, you will take the MCAT exam, and begin putting your med school applicatiosn together and you will need to get them in by whatever deadline is set by the individual medical schools. You will then attend a minimum of 6 more years. This admission will be based on your performance in your bachelors program, any research or internships that you will have done, your MCAT scores as well as any other documents that they require including probably personal statements and recommendations.

Each U.S. university regardless of level (Bachelors or Graduate) has their own requirements, so it is difficult to determine where you woudl be admissible.

Please do keep in mind that it is EXTREMELY difficult for an international student to get admitted to a US medical school. Only about 2% of international students that apply are given a spot.

Good luck.
Jim Crawley
Director of University Partner Relations
ELS Language Centers
International Advisor
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Re: Studying Medicine in the US

Postby tsaotsao » Wed, 20 Aug 2008 06:27:30 -0500

Thank you for all these informations.
I am an international student in undergraduate studies in Biology.
I am thinking about medicine schools, but as you said, it is very difficult for international.
Does it exist financial aids from medicine schools for international students?
Do all the Med Schools accept International students?
Thank you for your help,
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Re: Studying Medicine in the US

Postby crawleyj » Wed, 20 Aug 2008 03:57:05 -0500

Biology is always a good major if you are thinking about Med School. If you have not already talked to the Pre-med advisor to make sure you have completed all the recommended classes that med schools want to see, you should do so as soon as possible. There are other programs that you might consider if med school does not work out, such a Masters in Physician's Assistant Studies, or Physical Therapy, or Occupational Therapy.

Generally speaking, no, financial aid is not available for med school, other than loans and it is not easy for an international student to qualify for a loan.

I really can't speak for the med schools as to their acceptance policies. You would need to ask them directly, but I suspect if you have a high grade average and a strong MCAT score report, they would want to see your application.

Good luck!
Jim Crawley
Director of University Partner Relations
ELS Language Centers
International Advisor
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